Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season Requires Preparation. Metal Roofing has you covered.

The Metal Roofing Difference - Wind

You’ll be blown away when you learn how Metal Roofs are built to withstand hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.

Metal Roof vs. Hurricane Ida: Epic battle with Mother Nature

Learn how Today’s Homeowner host Danny Lipford and crew, along with the metal roofing experts from Classic Metal Roofing and Middlesouth Systems, did an amazing job getting this home ready for Hurricane Ida and whatever extreme storms follow in the future.


Roof damage is one of the most expensive cost homeowners face after an extreme windstorm hits their area. High winds are also typically accompanied by heavy rains, which expose homes with compromised roofs to massive amounts of water damage. For areas with inclement weather, metal roofs are the smart choice. Metal roofing can withstand gusts of wind of up to 140 mph. And because they consist of large interlocking panels, metal roofing resist uplift caused by high winds further reducing the risk of water intrusion.

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Metal roofing offers exceptional protection from extreme weather, including tropical storms, and is ideal for homes in coastal areas. Modern galvanized steel roofing is comprised of a steel core with a zinc/aluminum coating surrounding it and delivers great resistance to harsh marine conditions. Aluminum, copper and zinc roofing also provide a lifetime of protection for your coastal home.

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Durability and strength are two benefits that are fueling the growing popularity of metal roofing. Whether used for commercial or residential applications, metal roofing is proven to withstand hurricane strength winds. Structures protected with metal roofing have survived the worst of the recent hurricanes.

Metal Roofs Weather the Storm

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Hear from the Experts

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